Made in Natchez

So often we find ourselves traveling to cities where we just want to take something local home with us. Well, we have made that easy for you with our list of pantry products that are made right here in Natchez, Mississippi.

You can even have most of them delivered right to your door step, but it is much more fun to buy them in person so you get the whole experience!


Charboneau Rum

Charboneau Rum


Mississippi’s first legally distilled rum can be found right here in Natchez. Charboneau Distillery offers Charboneau White Rum, sourced from a Louisiana sugar mill just a few hours away.

Rum, $32.99 



 Darby’s Fudge & Muscadine Hot Sauce



Famously known for her delicious assortment of fudges, Darby’s also has homeade Muscadine Hot Sauce for sale.

1 lb Fudge Box, $13.50
Muscadine Hot Sauce, $9.95


D’evereux Foods’ Hot Sauce & Jam Set

D'Evereux Jam Set

With three different hot sauces and organic pepper jellies, you can’t go wrong with stocking your kitchen full of ANY of their products. Afterall, Oprah Winfrey just chose the jelly set as one of her must give gifts of 2015.

5 oz Hot Sauce, $6.99
Gourmet Jam Set, $26.97


Fat Mama’s Tamales’ Maragarita Mix & Fire and Ice Pickles

Fat Mama’s Tamales now offers two different margarita mixes you can stock your shelves with along with their delicious Fire and Ice Pickles. 

4 Pack of Fire and Ice Pickles, $29.99
4 Pack of Margarita Mix, $27.99

Fat Mama's Fire and Ice PicklesFat Mama's Knock you naked Margaritas 2


Natchez Brewing Company’s Craft Beer

Natchez Brewing


Natchez’s first craft beer brewery is located in the heart of downtown and currently offers two different craft beers and seven in the works. You can also find their seasonal beers here.



Old South Winery’s Muscadine Wines

old south winery

Offering nine different muscadine wines, Old South Winery has been making wines for over 50 years!
Wine, $7.75-$8.75


Pearl Street Pasta Dressing

Pearl Street Pasta Dressing 2


Pearl Street Pasta’s homeade salad dressing is sweet and good till the last drop. You will want to keep this dressing on hand once you try it.

Pearl Street Pasta Dressing, $8




Pig Out Inn’s Barbeque Sauce

Pig Out Inn BBQ Sauce 2


Spoil yourself with the “Best Barbeque Sauce you’ve ever eaten” from the comfort of your home with Pig Out Inn Barbeque Sauce.

Pig Out Inn Barbeque Sauce, $5



Rick’s Spices

Slick Rick's Spices 2


Take home some of the organic spices that Rick makes and uses on most of the food served at Rick’s Cafe.

Spices, $9.95-$26.95



Steampunk Coffee Blends & Chocolate Espresso Beans

Steampunk Coffee Roasters blends several different coffee beans together making unique flavors that they serve in store. They also make Chocolate Espresso Beans and I mean, what goes better than chocolate and espresso?! 

Coffee Blends, $10


Steampunk Coffee Blends Steampunk Espresso Beans

Things to do when it rains!

Keep out of the rain with this list of indoor activities in Natchez, Mississippi!




Historic Photos Image Header

antique store

D'evereux Foods


For more information on these locations and more in Natchez, go to

New Year’s Events

You can start your New Year’s resolutions after you party down in Natchez. (We won’t tell anybody!)

There are quite a few venues with live music this year and did we mention FIREWORKS on the bluff?!?! The Castle Restaurant at Dunleith will be open beginning at 7 p.m. and will have champagne and party favors. Restaurant 1818 at Monmouth will have a special New Year’s Eve menu, if you are up for some delicious food (6:30 p.m.) and the Quitman Lounge will also be open. (5:30 p.m.) Rolling River Bistro will also have a special NYE menu. Other restaurants that will be open on NYE are Biscuits and Blues, Cajun Cooking, The Carriage House, Cotton Alley, Fat Mama’s Tamales and Natchez Coffee Company.

The Camp will have their first Annual Recovery Brunch on New Year’s day. Bring on the bloody mary’s!

Fireworks on the bluff are always a must. These will start at 8 p.m.

Christmas broc. fireworks

And now for the New Year’s Celebration stations….

Isle of Capri Casino will be hosting a NYE bash with the band, The Fabulous Steelers and will also have champagne and party favors.

Magnolia Bluffs Casino will also have a NYE party with live music from Coop D’Belle. Dinner and the show are only $20.

MoJo Mudd will be rocking and rolling at Rolling River Bistro starting at 8 p.m. and will ring in the New Year with you!

Bowie’s Tavern will also be ringing in the New Year with live music, champagne and party favors! There is a $10 cover charge. There will also be free shuttle service from The Castle to Bowie’s.

Hors d’oeuvres, champagne and a good time with live music from SCRATCH will happen at the Natchez Community Center. Admission is $80 per couple and the party starts at 8 p.m. and lasts until.

For a full calendar of events, please visit our website.

Fun Facts about Natchez

A lot has gone down in Natchez in the nearly 300 years of being founded. We’ve dug up some fun, interesting and off-the-wall facts about Natchez so without further ado…

  • Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, known as the Black Swan” was America’s first African American singer of classical music. She was born in Natchez in 1809.Elizabeth Taylor-Greenfield
  • Emerald Mound is the second largest Indian ceremonial mound in the U. S. and is located northeast of Natchez.
  • Longwood is the largest remaining octagonal house in the United States.DSC_0049
  • Historic Jefferson College (circa 1802) was the first preparatory school established in the Mississippi Territory. Jefferson College also appeared in the movie based on John Jakes’ novel, North and South, to resemble West Point National Military Academy.DSC_0106
  • You can get three different National Park Service Stamps for your NPS Passport book in Natchez.Photo Mar 12, 9 09 17 AM (1)
  • Linden’s front doorway was copied for the doorway of Tara in the 1939 classic, Gone With the Wind.275
  • There are over 80 geocaches within a 15 mile radius of Natchez. It is a way to see Natchez from a different perspective and great activity for kids.geocaching
  • Memorial Park was once the final resting place for many in Natchez, until the City Cemetery was established in 1822. The remains from the old burial ground, located behind St. Mary Basilica, were gradually moved to the present site located just north of downtown. Today the park is a serene and shaded hideaway, popular with both locals and visitors.
  • The Briars is renowned historically as the residence where Jefferson Davis married Varina Howell in 1845.The_Briars_in_1940_Throwback
  • Natchez had more millionaires per capita before the Civil War than any other city in the United States.
  • Rose Hill Missionary Baptist Church is the oldest African American baptist congregation in the state with origins dating back to 1837.
  • Texada is the first brick house in the Mississippi Territory and the oldest Capitol building in the State of Mississippi045
  • Natchez is the Bed and Breakfast Capital of the South.
  • The Museum of African America History and Culture is the nation’s first African American museum on Main Street.041
  • Did you know Natchez is home to New York Best Selling Author, Greg Iles and was home to Richard Wright?
  • Natchez is the Biscuit Capital of the WORLD.

Photo Jan 14, 12 41 59 PM



  • And last, but certainly not least, Natchez is the oldest continuous settlement on the Mississippi River. We will be celebrating her 300th Birthday in 2016 and invite all to visit!3C- Color Logo

Laser Show and Snow!

resized christmas downtownWhat’s better than kicking off Christmas a little early than with a Gumbo Cook Off, Lighting of the Tree, a laser light show & REAL SNOW in downtown Natchez?! We haven’t figured it out either!

On Friday, November 28th, we will officially begin Christmas in Natchez. The event will start off with the Annual Gumbo Cook Off at 4:00 p.m. Tasting kits will be $10. There will also be Christmas music playing throughout the streets.  IMG_0036If you’re traveling with the kiddos, don’t worry, we have not forgotten about them. There will be plenty of activities to do before the lighting, such as, bungee jumps, face painting, rock wall climbing and a train ride.

ThIMG_0150is year, we will have REAL SNOW for 45 minutes and a laser light show right before the lighting of the tree. You can even chime in with Christmas caroling around the tree!

Christmas in Natchez will last through New Year’s with events throughout the month of December.

We love our sunsets!

If you have ever been to Natchez on a pretty day, then you have probably witnessed one of our amazing sunsets.

Here are a some of our favorites from #visitnatchez feed.



















slaton_parkerSlaton Parker







Local Happenings, October 24-26

  • The Annual Black & Blue Civil War Reenactment will take place on Saturday, October 25th. The 3rd U.S. Colored Calvary reenactment will be held at Historic Jefferson College. The program will start at 11:00 a.m. and last throughout the day. The Calvary will also parade on horseback from the Forks of the Road to the Bluff at 1:30 p.m. They took rebel prisoners to jail and helped the Union soldiers in a big way. Many of the troops were runaways who had joined the Union forces.



  • Every Saturday, Rolling River Bistro and 408 Listening Room will have a Saturday Gospel Brunch from 10:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. Listen to the beautiful sounds of some local talent. They also have live music on the weekends at night.
  • Southern Opera & Musical Theater’s production of “The Merry Widow” will be held at Margaret Martin Performing Arts Center at 7:00 p.m. Tickets for adults are $20 and $10 for students.

Check out more of our events by visiting our full event calendar or our live music calendar. We also have some pretty awesome attractions!



Balloon Race Weekend

Each year, over 50 hot air balloons and pilots travel to Natchez, MS to the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race, along with thousands of spectators. We will be live tweeting from our @visitnatchez Twitter account to keep you up-to-date with all flight information and answering any questions you may have. This will give you an idea of where the balloons will be inflating, taking off from and where they are landing. Although, the best views are normally at the fairgrounds behind Rosalie on Broadway Street.

The schedule for the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race is slam packed with amazing entertainers, flight times, and gate openings. There will also be a carnival for the little and big kids and plenty of delicious food to keep you full all weekend.

Did you ever wonder why everyone says, “The balloons will fly, weather permitted?” Well, we are here to answer your question!

Here are things that will keep balloons on the ground.


  • Wind is a critical factor in ballooning. Balloons fly best and safest in light winds of 4-6 mph. Maximum safe winds are around 8-10 mph. You may see some balloons deciding to fly and others do not. This is all based on if the pilot feels comfortable with the wind conditions.
  • Balloons are also harder to inflate when the winds are gusty. The wind pushes against the balloon making it harder for the fan, which inflates the balloon, to fill the whole envelope (balloon).
  • If it is too gusty and the pilots take off in their balloons, the winds can take them further than they want. This could lead to the pilot having less of an opportunity to land in an open area.
  • Winds are at different speeds and go different directions in different layers of the atmosphere.

Poor Visibility

  • To fly legally through Federal Aviation Administration regulations, the visibility must be 1 to 3 miles, depending on where they are flying.

Rain & Storms

  • We won’t state the obvious. 🙂


  • It takes heat to fly the balloon. The hotter the air outside, the more heat it takes to make the balloon fly. The colder the air is outside, the less heat it takes to make the balloon fly. The maximum continuous operating temperature for most hot air balloons is 250 degrees F.

    Outside Air Temperature  + Heat it Takes to Fly (140 F)  = Temperature Inside the Balloon
    Cold day of 30 degrees F + 140 F = 170 degrees inside the balloon
    Hot day of 95 degrees F + 140 F = 235 degrees inside the balloon (more heat if it’s hot out)

Our forecast for the weekend looks great so grab your mama and them and head on over to Natchez. Let the fun begin!!

Balloon Race Collage

Angels on the Bluff Photo Contest

Angels on the Bluff for Contest

Angels on the Bluff is an event that takes place at the Natchez City Cemetery. Natchez residents dress in costumes to portray some of our oldest “residents” for one weekend out of the year. This event draws people from all over and is usually a sold out event.

We are giving away a weekend stay at the Isle of Capri Hotel with two tickets to the event for Friday, November 7th at 8 p.m. and a gift certificate to one of our local eateries. Offer is valid on November 7-8, 2014, only.

How to Win:

  • Upload a photo or video you have taken of Natchez to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ntzangels. Photo and/or video must be yours.
  • Must upload photo or video within the contest dates (Sept. 1- Oct. 31).
  • Be sure to register your photo and/or video once you have uploaded it to Instagram or Twitter.

Winner will be announced on the Visit Natchez Twitter and Instagram on November 1st.

Please read all of the Terms and Conditions before entering.
(Must not be a resident of Natchez or live within a 30 mile radius surrounding Natchez.)

Blues Music in Natchez

When thinking of Natchez, music may be the last thing that comes to mind. Natchez is actually a part of the Americana Music Triangle, the birthplace of American music. From the tribal music of the Natchez Indians to the slave musicians who entertained at formal and informal gatherings to the burning of the Rhythm Night Club, Natchez’s music history runs as deep as the Mighty Mississippi. Gold Record Road- Americana Music Triangle

Natchez was once home to more millionaires per capita than anywhere in the United States until the outbreak of the Civil War. After   sharecropping became popular in the Mississippi Delta, many African Americans moved to find work at the same time blues music was taking off. Although very few commercial recordings document the sounds of blues in Natchez prior to WWII, we were still home to Geeshie Wiley, Bud Scott and band, guitarist William “Cat-Iron” Carradine, and saxophonists Earl Reed and Otis Smith.

The most memorialized musical event in Natchez happened on April 23, 1940. Walter Barnes of Chicago and his band made their way to Natchez to perform for over 200 African Americans at the Rhythm Night Club. While performing, a fire broke out. Walter Barnes, his band and some 200 people perished in the fire. The tragedy struck the nation and received extensive press, being picked up by several famous blues musicians who later wrote songs about the fire. The most notable of those is Howlin’ Wolf’s, The Natchez Burning. 

New talents began to emerge in Natchez clubs and cafes. The most notable was Alexander “Papa George” Lightfoot. Lightfoot was known for playing a mean harmonica and recorded for several important record labels, such as Aladdin, Imperial and Savoy. Alexander “Papa George” Lightfoot is now commemorated with his own Mississippi Blues Trail Marker in Natchez.

Besides all of the places in Natchez where musicians performed, the most important live venue for blues stood in Ferriday, LA, just ten miles west of Natchez. Haney’s Big House was operated by African American entrepreneur, Will Haney. The stage had been graced by legendary blues artists, such as B.B. King, Ray Charles, Roy Brown, Johnnie Taylor and Joe Turner. Haney’s was also an opportunity for local talent like Y.Z. Ealey, Elmore Williams, and Hezekiah Early to perform. You would some times see Jerry Lee Lewis or Jimmy Anderson wandering about the crowd. In 1966, however, the club mysteriously burned to the ground along with other African American owned businesses near by. You can hear an interview of Hezekiah Early from American Routes here.

Other noted musicians around the Natchez area are Gray MontgomeryScott Dunbar, David “Bubba” Ealey, “Hound Dog” Taylor, Mickey Gilley, and more. “Hound Dog” Taylor was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1984. Lil’ Poochie is also from Natchez and recently played in Paul McCartney’s “Early Days” video, released in early 2014.

Today, you can get a glimpse into the Natchez area’s music history at any of the five Mississippi Blues Trail Markers, the Delta Music Museum, the Rhythm Night Club Memorial Museum or the African American History Museum. You can still hear live music in many venues throughout town and during festivals.