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MAY 2024

May 2 ~ World Atlas, “These 9 Towns in Mississippi Have Beautiful Architecture

May 4 ~ Southern Living, “11 Must-Stop Spots in the Mississippi Delta”

May 16 ~ World Atlas, “7 Breathtaking Towns to Visit in the Southern United States”

May 17 ~ World Atlas, “8 Coolest Towns in Mississippi for a Summer Vacation in 2024″

May 20 ~ World Atlas “The Best Small Towns in Mississippi For A Weekend Retreat”

APRIL 2024

April 8 ~ World Atlas, “7 Most Charming River Towns in Mississippi to Visit in 2024″

April 11 ~, “Exploring the Natchez Trace Parkway”

April 12 ~, “More Than Just a Country Store: Wagoner’s Grocery, 1870 community hub, gets new life in Mississippi”

April 14, ~, “See How the Director of “The Help” and One of the Oldest Churches in MS are Connected”

April 17 ~ World Atlas, “6 Most Inviting Towns in Mississippi”

April 26 ~ Southern Living, “17 Best Things To Do in Natchez, Mississippi”

MARCH 2024

March 2 ~ AAA, “10 Inviting Small Towns and Cities to Visit”

March 7 ~ Mississippi Business Journal, “Worth Saving: Berrys restore Hope Farm in Natchez”

March 13 ~ World Atlas, “7 Most Charming River Towns in the Southern United States To Visit in 2024”

March 14 ~ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Tour of Natchez Features Sites That Inspired Greg Iles’ Books”

March 15 ~ Clarion Ledger, “Here are 10 Bucket List Trips You Should Take in Mississippi This Year”

March 16 ~ Southern Living, “5 Hidden Gems in Mississippi, According to a Native Mississippian”

March 20 ~ World Atlas, “10 Most Underrated Towns in the Mid-South”

March 20 ~ World Atlas, “8 Top-Ranked Towns in Mississippi For Retirees”

March 21 ~ The Wall Street Journal, “A Visit to a Historic Mississippi Port Reveals a Small Town With New Stories to Tell”

March 21 ~ West Palm Beach News, “Finding Serenity: Finding Peace in Mississippi’s Top Retirement Towns”

March 24 ~ The Tech Advocate, “6 Best Towns in The Southern United States To Visit in 2024″

March 28 ~ World Atlas, “8 of the Most Overlooked Towns in Mississippi”

March 29 ~ It’s a Southern Thing, “The Ultimate Spring Foodie Getaway in Natchez”

March 30 ~, “The Best Scenic Drives in Mississippi”


February 1 ~ World Atlas, “10 Offbeat Towns to Visit in Mississippi”

February 2 ~ The Daily Journal, “Hollywood honeymoon: Celebrate your romance by visiting some of your favorite movie sites in the South”

February 9 ~ World Atlas, “These Small Towns in The Mid-South Have the Best Historic Districts”

February 14 ~ Star Herald, “History is Lunch: Timothy R. Buckner, “The Barber of Natchez Reconsidered”

February 18 ~ World Atlas, “6 Vibrant Small Towns in Mississippi”

February 20 ~ WLBT3, “Historic Church that Played Big Role During Civil Rights Movement Receives Grant Money to Preserve Its Rich History”

February 26 ~ StyleBlueprint, “10 Mississippi Museums & Galleries for Art Lovers”


January 11 ~ World Atlas, “These Towns in Mississippi Have Rich Cultural Heritage”

January 11 ~ World Atlas, “6 Of The Quirkiest Towns in Mississippi”

January 17 ~ Cleburne Times – Review, “Exploring the Natchez Trace Parkway”

January 17 ~ World Atlas, 8 Most Memorable Small Towns in Mississippi”

January 20 ~ World Atlas, “These Historic Town in Mississippi Are Worth Exploring”

January 31 ~, “A Platform in the Sky”


December 1 ~ Travel Awaits, “6 Best Southern Christmas Towns”

December 11 ~ World Atlas, “10 Towns in Mississippi That Are Ideal For Seniors”

December 13 ~ American News Report, “Oldest Plantations In American: Everything You Need To Know”

December 18 ~ World Atlas, “9 Of The Most Welcoming Towns in Mississippi”

December 21 ~ World Atlas, “7 Coziest Small Towns in Mississippi”


November 5 ~ World Atlas, “12 Unforgettable Small Towns To Visit in Mississippi”

November 6 ~ World Atlas, “9 Best Small Towns in Mississippi For Retirees”

November 6 ~ Only in Your State, “Bigfoot’s Birthday Bash is a Uniquely Mississippi Event You Don’t Want to Miss”

November 9 ~ Country Roads, “Why I Film in Mississippi”

November 12 ~ Energy, “What are 5 Interesting Facts About Mississippi”

November 13 ~, “Pool: Travels through Southern History”

November 13 ~ Style Blueprint, “5 Mississippi Towns to Visit This Holiday Season”

November 13 ~ Only In Your State, “7 Christmas Towns in Mississippi That Will Fill Your Heart with Holiday Cheer”

November 13 ~ Travel Curator, “Best Small Towns To Visit During the Holidays For Lights, Decorations, And Festivities”

November 17 ~ World Atlas, “These Small Towns in Mississippi Have The Best Historic Districts”

November 20 ~ World Atlas, “7 Small Towns in Mississippi To Visit For a Weekend Getaway”

November 21 ~ Garden & Gun, “Eight Weird and Wonderful Holiday Events Around the South”

November 24 ~ World Atlas, “10 Must-Visit Small Towns in Mississippi”

November 26 ~ HGTV, “The 50 Best Small Towns To Visit For Christmas”

November 26 ~ Washington Post, “One Of The Biggest U.S. Slave Markets Finally Reckons With Its Past”

November 27 ~ It’s a Southern Thing, “Why Hollywood Loves To Film Christmas Movies In This Mississippi Town”

November 28 ~ World Atlas, “10 of The Most Quaint Small Towns in Mississippi”


October 1 ~ World Atlas, “10 Most Scenic Road Trips to take on the Gulf Coast

October 4 ~ World Atlas, “11 Prettiest Towns in Mississippi”

October 7 ~, “This is One of the Lesser-Known Fall Drives in the Southern USA”

October 11 ~ World Atlas, “14 Gorgeous Mississippi Towns to Visit in 2023”

October 16 ~ A-Z, “10 Most Beautiful and Awe-Inspiring Churches and Cathedrals in Mississippi”

October 17 ~ World Atlas, “14 Small Towns in Mississippi That Were Ranked Among US Favorites”

October 20 ~ Southern Living, “11 Southern Destinations That Smell Like Fall Candles”

October 22 ~, “10 Most Scenic Towns in the Southern United States”

October 26 ~ AZ, “The 10 Most Haunted Places in Mississippi”

October 26 ~ AZ, “7 Stunningly Scenic Drives in Mississippi”


September 4 ~ Travel Awaits, “This Historic Location Announces Fall Events – What You can See and Do”

September 5 ~ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Fall Travel: Plan your next getaway around one of these 10 festivals”

September 13 ~ Travel Daily News, “Visit Natchez Unveils New Branding Videos”

September 15 ~ Best Life, “9 Small Towns that Feel Like TV’s Idyllic Mayberry

September 19 ~ Garden & Gun, “Reader’s Choice: Favorite Scenic Southern Roadways”

September 20 ~ Black Past, “George Metcalfe (1911-1981)”

September 21 ~ Chicago Tribune, “Taking the Kids: To a Fall Festival”

September 22 ~ Trip Advisor, “5 Best Breweries in Mississippi”

September 28 ~ World Atlas, “These Small Towns in Mississippi Come Alive in Fall”

August ~ Destinations Magazine, “Chasing Sunsets – Stunning views round out your itinerary of Natchez, Mississippi”

August 7 ~, “Here Are The Absolute Best Places to Visit in November Across the United States”

August 8 ~, “11 Best Small Towns to Visit in the Mid-South”

August 9 ~, “9 Hidden Places in Mississippi That You Might Find Interesting”

August 11 ~, “Dr. John Bowman Banks (1862-1911)”

August 15 ~, “Support These Black-owned Businesses in Natchez, Mississippi”

August 15 ~, “8 Adorable Small Towns in Mississippi”

August 15 ~, “8 Affordable Summer Vacation Spots in Mississippi”

August 22 ~, “Mississippi State – Zeitreise durch den Sudstaat”

August 27 ~, “On this day in 1965”

August 28 ~, “IHOP Renames the Biscuit Capital of the World, Natchez, MS to IHOP, MS in Celebration of the Debut of Its NEW Biscuits Menu”

JULY 2023
July 8, “Discover the Oldest Town in Mississippi”
July 9 ~, “20 Cities in Mississippi”
July 9, “History Lives Along the Lower Mississippi River”

July 11 ~ Only In Your State, “This Historic District in Mississippi Was One Of The Most Dangerous Places In The Nation In The 1800s”

July 14 ~, “One Tank Trip: Natchez, “The River City”

July 27 ~, “This is 16-square-mile Town on the Mississippi River is Becoming an Essential U.S. Cruise Destination-Here’s Why

July 27 ~, “These 9 Town in the Mid-South Have the Best Main Streets”

July 28 ~, “Plan A Cruise To The Christmas Market in Natchez This Holiday Season”

JUNE 2023
June 4 ~, “7 of the Friendliest Towns in Mississippi”
June 4 ~, “Here are the 18 Absolute Best Places to Stay in Mississippi”
June 12, “5 Quick Road Trips in Mississippi You Can Take This Weekend” June 15 ~ ,”Feed Your Soul: A Fun Food Destination With History”

June 17 ~, “The Devil’s Punchbowl: Debunking the Social Media Myth of a Civil War Massacre”

June 21 ~, “The Ultimate Natchez Culinary Weekend Getaway”

June 27 ~, “The Great American Road Trip: 15 Top Road Trips”

June 28 ~, “These Small Towns in Mississippi Come Alive in Summer”

June 28 ~, “The 26 Best Fall Festivals in the U.S. for 2023”

MAY 2023
May 5 ~ , “Southern Charm”

May 12 ~ , “One City, Three Ways: Natchez, Mississippi”
May 29 ~, “19 Best Road Trips in the US in 2023”
May 29 , “10 Attractions You Can Visit in Natchez”

May 31 ~, “7 Ideal Destinations for a 3-Day Weekend in Mississippi”

APRIL 2023
April 3 ~, , “10 Places in Mississippi that are Better than Anywhere Else in the Country.”
April 7 ~, “5 Undeniably Fun Weekend Trips to Take if You Live in Mississippi.”
April 7, “8 Coolest Small Towns in Mississippi For a Summer Vacation.” April 10~, “Visit These Incredible Charming Small Towns in Mississippi, One for Each Month of the Year.” April 20 ~, “The Most Mississippi Town Ever, and Why You Need to Visit.”

April 29 ~, “9 Best Weekend Getaways From New Orleans.”

April 30 ~, “The United States of Beer: The Best Summertime Brew From Every State”

MARCH 2023
March 7 ~, , “12 Secenic Trails To Explore In Mississippi, One For Each Month Of The Year.”
March 19 ~, “Best Hotels & Resorts in Mississippi: 12 Amazing Places to Stay”

March 21 “7 Best Small Towns in Mississippi For a Weekend Escape”
March 29, “There are 3 Must-See Historic Landmarks in the Charming Town of Natchez, Mississippi”

February 1 ~, “Who is Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield? The Story Behind America’s First Black Pop Star.” February 3~, My 20 Favorite Experiences in Mississippi I Tell Visitors Not To Miss”
February 15 ~, “The Most Adorable Small Town in Every US State”
February 23, “Here are the 8 Most-Recommended BBQ Restaurants in Mississippi, According to our Readers.”

January 2 ~, “Fat Mama’s Tamales serves up Mississippi-made Success.”
January 5 ~,“27 African American Sites to Receive Historical Markers in Natchez”
January 12, “Folsom: Two-day Trip Up the 444-mile Natchez Trace Parkway”
January 15 ~, “Prince Abdourahmane Ibrahima Ibn Sori Finally Returns Home To Timo Through His Descendants 195 Years Later.”
January 18 ~, “You Can Watch Your Meal Cook at the Kitchen Bistro, A One-of-a-Kind Place To Dine in Mississippi.”
January 22 ~, “9 National Parks in Mississippi”
January 22 ~, “These Are The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Mississippi You Should Visit”
January 28 ~, “25 Best Weekend Getaways in the South”
January 31 ~, “18 Amazing Black-owned Hotels Around the World”

December 20 ~, “Roscoe Barnes of Natchez Awarded 2023 Humanities Award”
December 21 ~, “10 Spots In Mississippi You Must Explore This Winter (Besides The Famed Beau Rivage Casino)” December 28 ~, “8 Charming River Towns on the Mississippi River”
December 29 ~, “We Bet You Didn’t Know This Small Town in Mississippi Was Home to the Largest Octagonal House in America.”
December 30 ~, “WLOX Flashback to 2015: Natchez historic homes.”

November 1 ~, “This Beautiful River Hike in Mississippi Has a Mouthwatering Restaurant Right Along the Trail”
November 2 ~, “Why are Dollar Bills Pinned to Bar Walls? The Tradition Explained”
November 7 ~, “21 Best Small Towns to Visit for Christmas in the U.S.”
November 10 ~, “Historic Natchez, Like a Christmas Movie, is a Great Holiday Destination”
November 13 ~, “One Night is not Enough for Visitors to this Inn that Just Won Mississippi’s Lodging of the Year Award”
November 20 ~, “8 Historic Towns Where You Can Celebrate Thanksgiving with Fido”
November 25 ~, “20 Hotels and Inns with Amazing Holiday Decor and Light Displays”
November 29 ~, “Ogle Historic Mansions Decked to the Nines on this Holiday Home Tour in Mississippi”
November 30 ~, “Architecture Professor’s Book Examines Cultural Tourism That Began in Depression-Era Mississippi”

October 5 ~,“21 Creepy Travel Destinations Across The US That Live Rent-Free In My Nightmares”
October 9 ~, “The 6 Best Historic Bed and Breakfasts in the U.S.”
October 21 ~, “Haunted Mississippi: The Scariest Places + Their Stories”
October 27 ~, “Natchez in the Fall”
October 28 ~, “9 U.S. Small Towns with the Cutest Main Streets”
October 31 ~, “5 Stunning Routes for the Perfect Fall Road Trip”
October 31 ~, “From Nashville to Tupelo on the Natchez Trace Parkway”

September 11 ~, “Fall Travel Guide”
September 13 ~, “Mapping Natchez Race History: Cultural Museum Receives Grant To Chart Civil-Rights Sites”
September 19 ~, “11 Best Places to Travel in November 2022”
September 24 ~, “4 Ghoulishly Good Times in Mississippi”
September 25 ~, “10 Not So Spooky (But Still Festive) Fall Destinations to Visit”


August 1 ~, “These are Mississippi’s Must-See Music Venues”
August 3 ~,“A Bicycling Guide To the Trails and Roads of Mississippi”
August 19 ~,“9 Most Charming Small Towns in Mississippi”
August 28 ~, “Museum to Create Map of Civil Rights Sites in Natchez”
August 28 ~, “The 10 Best U.S. Cities to Visit if You Love Old Houses”
August 28 ~, “Counties with the Oldest Homes in Mississippi”

JULY 2022
July 8 ~, “10 Best Places to go in October”
July 14 ~, “20 Affordable Family Vacations You Haven’t Thought Of Before”
July 14 ~, “4 Mississippi Towns to Satisfy Your Wanderlust”
July 14 ~, “Bringing Light to the Spirits’: MSU Excavates Concord Plantation in Natchez”
July 19 ~, “The Natchez Burnin’ : Howlin’ Wolf Remembers the Mississippi Fire of 1940”
July 19 ~, “One of the Most Haunted Cemeterys in Mississippi is Also the Most Beautiful”
July 24 ~, “Fruit of the Community: A Public Garden Blooms”
July 28 ~, “Top 5 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations to Visit This Summer”

JUNE 2022
June ~ Southernliving, “The Porches of Natchez”
June 3 ~, “July 4th Events across the South”
June 13 ~, “The Most Romantic Destination in Every State”
June 13 ~, “Couples are finding big love in these small town hotels”
June 16 ~, “Night of Pain, Days of Honor”
June 20 ~, “24 Top Fall & Harvest Festivals in the U.S.”
June 21 ~, “10 Best Historic Small Town 2022”
June 21 ~, “U.S. Road Trip Routes Best Suited For Electric Vehicles”

MAY 2022
May 4 ~ Themeanderingtravelerblog, “Rolling on the Mississippi River: Top Attractions in Natchez Part 2”
May 5 ~, “Everything You Need to Know About Mississippi Cuisine”
May 9 ~, “Top Brewery in Every State in the U.S.”
May 12 ~, “Your Guide to Summer Festivals in the South”
May 16 ~, “Follow The Mississippi River Along This Scenic Drive Through Mississippi”
May 19 ~, “My Town: Stratton Hall’s Natchez, Mississippi”
May 19 ~, “Top 5 Most Destructive Tornadoes Ever Recorded”
May 25 ~, “Tank of Gas Getaway: Natchez is steeped in history but still on the cutting edge”
May 29 ~, “Magazine Claims this Mississippi Town has ‘Some of the Prettiest’ Porch Views in the State”

APRIL 2022
April 2 ~ Travel + Leisure, “Exhilarating Motorcycle Road Trips Around the U.S.”
April 20 ~, “7 Mississippi Restaurants with the Most Amazing Outdoor Patios You’ll Love to Lounge On”
April 21 ~, “Best of the River Winners 2022”
April 21 ~ CountryRoadsMagazine, “Soul Fusion Natchez”
April 29 ~, “Deacons for Defense Fought for Black Lives from Donnan’s Barbershop in Natchez”
April 29 ~ Themeanderingtravelerblog, “Top Attractions in Natchez for Mississippi River Cruisers Part 1”

MARCH 2022
March 30 ~ CondeNastTraveler, “The Most Beautiful Place in Every U.S. State”
March 23 ~, “Take This Road Trip to 5 of Mississippi’s Least Visited National Parks”
March 17 ~, “Destination Natchez: How a Mississippi City Could Become the Hollywood of the South”
March 17 ~, “There’s an Abandoned Mansion in Mississippi That was Never Completed and it’s Eerily Fascinating”
March 8 ~ Southern Living, “The South’s Best Small Towns 2022”
March 8 ~ Travel + Leisure, “This New Mississippi River Cruise will Sail Between Memphis and New Orleans and Serve Incredible Southern Cooking”
March 5 ~, “Lifetime Announces, ‘A New Orleans Noel’ Starring Keshia Knight Pulliam, Brad James, Patti LaBelle”

February 18 ~ Travel + Leisure, “11 Female Owned Hotels Around the World With Amazing Stories”
February 14 ~, “Forks of the Road: 2nd Largest Domestic Slave Market in the Deep South”
February 11 ~, “Still Learning”: Natchez Recons With it’s Racist Past and Celebrates Local Black History”
February 6 ~ Travel Pulse, “The Best Valentine’s Day Getaway in Each State”
February 4 ~ Daytona Times, “Celebrate Black History Month with a trip to one of these destinations”
February ~ Leisure Group Travel, “Exploring Mississippi’s Capital and River Region
February ~ Today In Mississippi, “Natchez museum exhibits opera singer’s portrait”

January 31 ~ StyleBluePrint, “20 Southern Events & Happenings: February 2022”

December 7 ~ Fox News, “The 10 best Christmas towns in America”
December 3 ~ Love Exploring, “Every State’s Most Charming Small City You Need To Visit”

November 24 ~ PlayStayEat, “Discover Beautiful Natchez, Mississippi”
November 17 ~ Where Y’at, “Six Fall Day Trips to Take In and Out of New Orleans”
November 14 ~ WDAM, “Hallmark movie shot in Mississippi makes its debut”
November 8 ~ Pride Journeys, “Celebrate the Holidays in Natchez, Mississippi”
November 5 ~ USA Today, “Best Historic Small Town”
November 4 ~, “Set Sail with a Hallmark Christmas Movie Aboard an American Queen Voyages River Cruise”
November 2 ~ Thrillist, “This Small Southern Town Has a History with Bigfoot”
November ~ DeSoto Magazine, “Holiday Home Tours Return”

October 28 ~ WJTV 12 News, “‘Allumer’ Light Show Coming to Natchez in November”
October 28 ~ See Great Art, “Natchez, MS Hosts Inaugural ‘Allumer Natchez’ Art Festival”
October 20 ~ Mississippi Free Press, “Y’all Means All’: Natchez Festival Celebrates LGBTQ Identity, Supports Queer Youth”
October 16 ~ WLBT 3 News. “Large Crowd Pous into Natchez to Join 36th Annual Balloon Festival”
October 13 ~ Southern Living, “Take in Fall Color from the Air at these Hot Air Balloon Festivals
October 1 ~ PureWow, “The 27 Best Fall Festivals to Experience Across the U.S.”

September 29 ~ Insider, “The Most Haunted Spot in Every State”
September 14 ~, “Fun in ’21: Fall Festival Edition – Natchez Balloon Festival”
September 4 ~, “Add These 50 Underrated Cities to Your Must – Visit List”
September 3 ~, “6 Rides That Make Mississippi a Hidden Gem for Cycling Adventures”

August 17 ~ Pride Journeys, “Fall in Love with Natchez, Mississippi”
August 8 ~ Southern Living, “Off-the-Radar Weekend Getaways for a Summer Adventure”

JULY 2021
July 27 ~ Snowbirds & RV Travelers, “Southern Comfort in Mississippi”
July 3 ~ The New York Times, “How the Truth of Forks of the Road Came to Be”

JUNE 2021
June 21 ~ Travel + Leisure, “This City in Mississippi was Just Added to the Historical Lafayette Trail”
June 19 ~ USA Today, “10 Best: Meet the Natchez Chef who is Teaching the Origins of Soul Food”
June 7 ~ Smithsonian Magazine, “The 15 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2021”
June 3 ~ Chicago Tribune, “Exploring the History and Natural Beauty of the Natchez Trace- Once the Most Important Travel Route between Mississippi and Tennessee”

MAY 2021
May 13 ~ Southern Living, “Biscuit Queen Regina Charboneau Launches a New Cooking School”
May 10 ~ Southern Living, “9 Quaint Southern Spots for a Destination Wedding”
May ~ DeSoto Magazine, “Dunleith Redux”

APRIL 2021
April 23 ~ The Wall Street Journal, “A Deliciously Diverting Road Trip Through the Deep South”

MARCH 2021
March 28 ~ StyleBluePrint, “Welcome to Natchez, MS, a Creative Utopia”
March 20 ~ Travel + Leisure, “11 Female-owned Hotels Around the World With Amazing Stories”
March ~ The Discover Blog,“The Best Small Town in Each State”

February 24 ~ Camels and Chocolate, Kristin Luna. “From Jackson to Natchez: Driving the Final Leg of the Natchez Trace”
February 22 ~ Forbes, “The Top Ten Places In America To Travel Right Now And Avoid The Pandemic”
February 4 ~ Matador Network, “This small Mississippi city will pay you over $6,000 to move there”
February 3 ~ AAA Magazine, “6 romantic U.S. getaways for a Valentine’s Day escape”
February 3 ~ The Travel Bite, Rachelle Lucas “How To Make Grits: Southern Style!”
February 3 ~ Forbes, “Want to Make Money? This U.S. Town Will Pay You To Move There

January 10 ~ The Travel Bite, Rachelle Lucas “10 Reasons to Visit Natchez, Mississippi”

December 31 ~ MSN Lifestyles “The 50 best small-town winter destinations in America”
December 30 ~ “Farther Flung: The Path of History”
December 2 ~ Camels and Chocolate, Kristin Luna “Falling heads over heels for Natchez, Mississippi”

October 15 ~ “10 Best Places to Visit in Mississippi”
October 12 ~ Black Southern Belle “African American Heritage Travel: How to Curate a Socially Distanced Family Experience this Fall in Natchez, MS
October 2 ~ MSN “The Most Beautiful Small City in Your State”

September 18 ~ Travel + Leisure “9 Stops You Should Make on a Great River Road Trip”
September 18 ~ MSN Lifestyles “The most charming small city on your state”

JULY 2020
July ~ DeSoto Magazine “Road Tripping Along the Natchez Trace”
July 28 ~ Deep South “10 Outdoor Experiences Welcoming Travelers in Natchez”
July 10 ~ Conde’ Nast

JUNE 2020
June 23 ~ Forbes “The South’s Most ‘Tasteful’ Small Towns”

MAY 2020
May 29 ~ Lonely Planet “10 delightful detours along the Natchez Trace Parkway”
May 7 ~ Forbes “Post Coronavirus Travel: Most Americans will Holiday at home”

February 8 ~ Luxury Lifestyle Magazine “America’s Deep South: From New Orleans to Natchez”
February 7 ~ MSN “The Most Romantic place is Every State for 2020”
February 6 ~ Best Life “30 Enchanting Hideaways in the U.S. you’ve never heard of”
February 6 ~ “14 Romantic Hotels in the U.S. Lovers should definitely know about”

January 8 ~ Southern Living“11 Southern Bed-and-Breakfasts Perfect for Mother-Daughter Getaways”
January 2 ~ Instinct Magazine “Natchez keeps its Renaissance going with “Y’all Means All” Celebration”

December 1 ~ Matador Network “The 25 coolest towns in America: 2019”

November 4 ~ Tripadvisor Rentals BLOG, “12 Charming Small Towns in the South with Warm Hospitality & Abundant natural beauty”

October 28 ~ Chicago Tribune, “Family travel five: Visit US civil rights landmarks”
October 10 ~ Forbes, “4 Must-Do Fall Activities in Mississippi’s Natchez
October 1 ~, “One-Tank Getaways”

September ~ AAA Southern Traveler, “Pedal the Trail”
September 17 ~ Trip to Discover, “10 Best Weekend Getaways in Mississippi”

August 22 ~ Amsterdam News, “Experience the past and present in Natchez, Mississippi”
August 16 ~ Matador Network, “The best places to travel this October

JULY 2019
July 23 ~ James Beard Foundation “Cooking up Community, one Plate at a Time”

JUNE 2019
June 12 ~ Matador Network “Bars that don’t close and a Deep South cultural education in Natchez, Mississippi”

MAY 2019
May 30 ~ PureWow ” The Cutest Town in Every U.S, State”

APRIL 2019
April 5 ~ New York Times “Knowing Natchez, Mississippi by its’ dead”

MARCH 2019
March 14 ~ Foodie Travel USA “5 Biscuits worth a road trip”
March 13 ~ Deep South Magazine ” Natchez in Spring”
March 7 ~ AM New York “What to do in Natchez, Mississippi, from historic sites to food

February 1 ~ Trip Advisor “Top 25 B & B’s and Inns in the United States”

January 2 ~ USA Today “Natchez, Mississippi: History and fun along the Mississippi River”

December 26 ~ Chattanooga Times Free Press “Natchez biscuits: Chef that put them on the map shares her secrets”
December 7 ~ Garden & Gun “The Southern Agenda: December 2018/January 2019”

November 27 ~ Country Living “The Most Iconic Christmas Tree in Every State”
November 13 ~ Chattanooga Magazine “A Natchez Noel”
November 12 ~ Trips to Discover “11 Most Charming Southern Small Towns in the U.S.

October 18 ~ Business Insider by Pulse “The most haunted spot in every state”
October 17 ~ Fodor’s Travel “How to Drink Like a Local”
October 17 ~ Desoto Magazine “All kinds of Spirits at King’s Tavern of Natchez”
October 17 ~ Simply Southern Mom ” Where to eat & stay in Natchez”
October 14 ~ Only in your State “These 7 Mississippi Drive-In Restaurants are fun for an Old Fashioned Night Out”
October 12 ~ Haunted Deep South “Time to act fast to nab tickets to see angels in Natchez”
October 11 ~ Simply Southern Mom “The Natchez Fall Pilgrimage of Historic Site

September 20 ~ My Domaine “8 Fall Vacations to see the leaves change, no matter where you live”
September 13 ~ Budget Travel “10 American Fall Festivals every Traveler should experience”
September 12 ~ We 3 Travel ” 25 of The best Christmas Hotels”
September 11 ~ Travel US News “30 Charming Bed & Breakfasts Across America”
September 7 ~ USA Today “50 States: 50 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches”
September 3 ~ Expedia “Most Tourist -Friendly Cities in the U.S.

August 30 ~ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution “Tour of Natchez features sites that inspired Greg Iles’ books”
August 22 ~ Dallas Observer “Have Blues, Will Travel: Bishop Gunn Hit the Road with Tunes and History in Tow”
August 14 ~ Forbes “Overlooked U.S. Routes that Make for Incredible Road Trips”
August 9 ~ NBC New York “These are the Most Charming Small Towns in Each State”
August 8 ~ Conde’ Nast Traveler “The Friendliest Cities in the U.S”
August 6 ~ Redbook “60 + Romantic Fall Weekend Getaways to Add to your Travel List”
August 1 ~ “The 50 Best Places to visit in the U.S.A.”

JULY 2018
July 24 ~ Only in your State “8 Mississippi Restaurants that put their own tasty twist on the BLT”
July 22 ~ Williamson Source “5 Must See Antebellum Mansions”
July 20 ~ Enterprise “Cruising the Natchez Trace Parkway”
July 20 ~ Best Life “30 Enchanting Hideaways in the U.S. you’ve never heard of”
July 19 ~ Only in your State “8 Quirky & unique Mississippi Shrimp and Grits Dishes you just gotta try”
July 16 ~ Architectural Digest “The Prettiest Town in Every U.S. State”
July 8 ~ Business Insider Singapore “The most beautiful building in every U.S. state according to people who live there”
July 4 ~ MSN “The Most Charming Small Town in Every State”
July 4 ~ Reader’s Digest “The Most Charming Small Town in Every State”
July 3 ~ Readers Digest “100 Amazing things that are made in the USA”

JUNE 2018
June 21 ~ MSN Insider Lifestyles“The Best things to do in every state this summer”
June 12 ~ “Romantic Weekend Getaways aren’t just for Valentines Day”
June 11 ~ Culture Collide “Catfish and the Blues: Bishop Gunn gives us the Mississippi Lowdown”
June 4 ~ Southern Living “Watch: The Nation’s Largest Octagonal house in Mississippi, and it was never finished”

MAY 2018
May 18 ~ USA Today “10 Best Readers Choice Awards”
May 8 ~ Southern Living “Watch: 7 Reasons Every Southerner should take a trip to Natchez, Mississippi”
May 8 ~ Architectural Digest “The Most iconic building in Every State of America”
May 6 ~ The Tennessean “Explore mighty Mississippi via riverboat cruise aboard the American Duchess”

APRIL 2018
April 20 ~ Johnny Jet “Cruising the Mississippi River on the American Duchess”
April 17 ~ All things Cruise “American Duchess Cruise: Haunting story of mansion never finished because Civil War”
April 11 ~ Supercall “The Oldest Bar in All 50 States”

MARCH 2018
March 7 ~ Southern Living “15 Incredible Solo Vacations to Take in the South”
March 3 ~ MSN Lifestyle “The Best Inns in Every State for a Charming Trip”
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