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Story Ideas

Freelance writers, filmmakers, historians, radio producers, reporters and others in the media will find a wealth of story ideas about Natchez interwoven with the rich history of Mississippi and the entire region.

Natchez & the Mississippi River

The stories of the marriage between Natchez and the Mighty Mississippi flow like the river itself. The river was the spark for the settlement that would grow to become the city of Natchez. It was the city’s source of goods and the engine of her wealth. Most importantly, for residents of Natchez, the Mississippi is a constant in an ever-changing world.

African-American History in Natchez

Slaves were first brought to the settlements that would become Natchez in the 1700s. The city became home to one of the largest slave markets in the South, yet it also gave rise to powerful political leaders. The history of the African-American community in Natchez is one of the nation’s richest and most complex. You can learn more in our Cultural Legacy section.

Historic Homes & Sites in Natchez

Natchez is home to more surviving historic structures than any other city in the South. Many of its historic homes still stand today as beautifully preserved and restored examples of Greek Revival architecture and life in the 1800s. Within their walls, they hold stories of lost dreams and powerful ambitions, heartbreak and love.