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Natchez City Cemetery

1 Cemetery Road Natchez Mississippi, 39120

(601) 445-5051

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It may sound a bit grave to consider a cemetery an attraction, but when it comes to the Natchez City Cemetery, and once you learn the history of some of the characters buried there, you’ll quickly understand why. Once you enter the gates, you can either begin a self-guided tour following a brochure and map, or you may be interested in hiring a guide so you’ll get all the details of the deceased at this historic cemetery You’ll hear stories about a woman called Louise the Unfortunate, and a slave named York, or perhaps visit the family plot of famed riverboat Captain, Thomas P. Leathers.

The Natchez City Cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historic places, established in 1822 when remains were moved to the present location from Memorial Park (located behind St. Mary’s Basilica downtown). Tombstone inscriptions embellished by romantic and mysterious tales draw portraits of the dearly departed interned here. Bring a good pair of walking shoes and make the Natchez City Cemetery a good three hour stop on your itinerary. As historic cemeteries go, it’s unforgettable.