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Malt Shop

4 Homochitto Street Natchez Mississippi, 39120

(601) 445-4843

The Malt Shop is not a typical dining establishment for visitors, but if you asked a local where you can find the best burger in town, bar-b-que beef sandwich, or a catfish plate, they’ll be tempted to tell you “the Malt Shop.” Anyone who’s grown up in Natchez in the last 60 years, has indulged in more than their fare share of Malt Shop food. If you order the burger plate, you’d better be hungry because they put two deluxe burgers in the box with your fries or curly cues. The next size burger on the menu is the Jumbo burger, and if you have a real hearty appetite, see if you can handle their famous 1/2 pound “Big Daddy” burger. You can’t dine in, but there is a large picnic table out front, and you’ll know a lot of the locals that have eaten there over the years because their names are most likely carved into the table’s top. It’s what everyone did while they were waiting on their order.