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Clifton House

209 Clifton Avenue Natchez Mississippi, 39120

(830) 997-2749

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Clifton House takes its name from “”Clifton,”” a historic home owned by the Suget family that originally stood nearby until it was destroyed toward the end of the Civil War. A certain Yankee officer, John Moulder Wilson, ordered the house demolished by explosives after he was, quite accidentally, not invited to a party thrown by the Suget family. He had been greatly insulted. The structure now proudly bearing the Clifton name is a 1904 “”American Foursquare.”” Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it has been in one family’s possession since 1920.

With its unsurpassed view of the Mississippi River, Clifton House underwent a total renovation in early 2017. The décor authentically reflects the love the family has had for this home. When the first generation moved in, they brought Victorian antiques, which were lovingly restored and reupholstered during the renovation. Each subsequent generation has added their own modern-day touches, making this guest house the truly gracious place it is today.