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Angels on the Bluff

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Date:  November 9, 2023 to November 11, 2023


On Nov. 9, 10, and 11, the Natchez City Cemetery Association will host its 22nd Angels on the Bluff. This three-day event showcases local talents representing some of our intriguing cemetery residents abiding among the thousands of hallowed souls at rest here since its establishment in 1822 for those of varying heritage, faiths, and beliefs.

Thursday offers 15 tours with Friday and Saturday hosting 17 tours each. This year’s Angels tour will celebrate the lives of the following women and men whose concern, interest, determination, and/or perseverance influenced both those of their times and of times beyond their existence, some thriving among the citizenry for decades, some suffering untimely and unfortunate circumstances. All, of course, will intrigue with their tales and fascinate with their fortunes and misfortunes alike.

Tickets for Angels, the Natchez City Cemetery’s primary fundraiser with its traditionally sold-out performances, go on sale Aug. 1 on the cemetery website at and on the City of Natchez website at

In purchasing each $45 ticket, you will indicate both the date and time you are reserving. Tours leave every 15 minutes by bus from the Natchez Community Center at 215 Franklin St. in downtown Natchez with ample parking nearby. After about an hour and a half, the tour bus returns to the center. Each of the approximately one-mile walking tours proceeds mostly along the cemetery’s roadways with some digression across grassy areas.

Arrive for your tour 15 minutes before the departure time shown on your ticket, bring a flashlight, and wear comfortable walking shoes. Also, bring a jacket or coat and plan to layer appropriately given the temperatures at the time; for the breezes up from the river and across the cemetery can be quite brisk.

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