Welcome to Natchez, a melting pot of cultures with a distinctive attitude towards music, food, and old-fashioned hospitality.

“How Long Should I Stay” is a frequently asked question when callers inquire about everything there is to see and do in Natchez.  In order to help our visitors make that decision, we have put together what to do in Natchez to assure that our guests maximize the use of their time during their visit. Whether you have one night or an entire week to spend in Natchez, we sincerely hope the sample Mississippi trip itinerary we’ve created will make your experience enjoyable.  From historic churches and antebellum homes to gorgeous sunsets and Southern food — there’s so much to see and do.

Natchez is home to literary treasures, delicious cuisine, grand antebellum mansions, historic landmarks, wonderful contributions to the arts, music, entertainment and much more. You will never run out of things to do in Natchez!

There are so many things to do in Natchez and the surrounding area that a one night stay is almost just out of the question.

Review the itinerary below and you’ll see why.


If you’re like a lot of folks, you won’t be arriving in Natchez until afternoon or early evening, and the best suggestion we could make for day 1 is to just drive around at your leisure before checking into your accommodations, and get the lay of the land. Doing so will be a good indicator that you’ll be around for more than just a day or two.

If you’re arriving early and ready for adventure, skip down to Day 2!


1. Begin your Natchez experience at the Natchez Visitor Center. Take in the twenty minute video The Natchez Story, and enjoy learning the overall history of how this enchanting city came to be. Pick up a souvenir t-shirt or coffee mug in the logo shop while you’re there.

2. Venture over to the ticket counters and purchase antebellum home, carriage and bus tour tickets all under one roof. Take a few minutes to enjoy the interactive, paneled exhibit depicting the chronological development of the area.

3. Head out to tour a few of the majestic mansions that have drawn thousands of visitors to Natchez over the years.

4. Take a lunch break and visit any one of our great restaurants offering Italian, Thai, Barbecue, Greek and an array of Southern signature dishes.

5. Put your carriage tour tickets to use and take the 45 minute narrated, horse-drawn carriage tour of the historic district while your lunch settles.

6. Take the short drive out to The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians and stroll the hallowed ground of the home of the city’s original inhabitants. There are ceremonial mounds at the site, along with a replica of an Indian dwelling, and a museum complete with artifacts that have been recovered on and around the site over the years.

7. Take a stroll around town; watch the sunset from the bluff gazebo, then pop into any of our fabulous downtown area restaurants for a relaxing dinner.


1. Awake to a delicious Southern breakfast then head across the mighty Mississippi to visit Frogmore Plantation. The owners have collected and renovated a number of slave cabins and re-created a compound much like those in which the slaves once lived. It’s an 1800 acre working plantation, and you’ll enjoy learning how cotton was processed then and now. A modern gin operates on the Eastern edge of the plantation, and there is a replica of a nineteenth century cotton gin near the compound.

2. On your way back to Natchez, you’ll pass back through Ferriday, Louisiana, so make sure to stop at the Delta Music Museum and meet the famous cousins; Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley, and Jimmy Swaggart. There are a few others with claims to fame touted in this fascinating museum, and you’ll spend a good half hour getting to know them.

3. Grab some lunch to refuel when you get back to town, then head to the First Presbyterian Church where you’ll find Natchez in Historic Photographs. The Stratton Chapel, located in the rear of the church, is home to a collection of over 500 photographs depicting life along the river, the merchants and commerce that thrived in Natchez even beyond the war, and the families and their children who shaped this historic city.

4. After that hour or more, venture out Highway 61 North to Historic Jefferson College. There are many incredible stories surrounding this 200 plus year old school, but you’ll have to slip out there to get the details.

5. There are some great restaurants on the outskirts of downtown so you can stop and dine at one of them on your return, or just pick another downtown restaurant to experience something a little different from the previous night. It’s a win-win either way!


1. You’ll probably be heading out of town on your fourth day here (you’re always welcome to stay on), but that’s alright by us. Before you go however, consider taking a short drive out to tour the Old South Winery. Yes, that’s correct, we have a winery, and the wines are amazing. Muscadines are the fruit used to make these delicious libations, and they are grown right outside the back door of the facility.

2. Grab lunch again just one more time, perhaps at the Magnolia Grill at a table positioned on the sun porch. There you can watch the river meander past and reminisce about the time you spent in Natchez.

3. Once you depart our charming city, go out and spread the word about the fun you had, the sites you saw, and the wonderful people you met throughout the city. And put a return visit on your calendar, and this time, bring a few friends.