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Reporters, journalists, editors, writers, news producers and fact-checkers can turn to Visit Natchez for accurate information.

Natchez Press & Media Room

Reporters, journalists, editors, writers, news producers, fact-checkers and other members of the press can turn to Visit Natchez for accurate information. If we don’t have the answers you need, we can connect you to official sources, local experts and people with perspectives to add depth and context to your stories.

home-promo-hotelWe can also connect you with members of the local media and provide you with photos and B-roll.

If you are a writer or filmmaker interested in Natchez, be sure to check out our story ideas, where we touch on many of the facets of local life people ask about the most, from our unrivaled collection of antebellum homes and buildings to the complex history of African-Americans and the long, colorful history of the Mississippi River and its tremendous impact on every aspect of local culture and history.

You may also want to review our most recent press releases for information on stories related to travel and tourism, its economic impact, meetings and conventions, movies being filmed in Natchez and community events.

If you’re looking for a media contact, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever your need, we invite members of the media to contact us and make Visit Natchez the first stop on your way to a great story!

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