Downtown Karla Brown

Downtown Karla Brown offers 5 different tours. Choose from our 3 hour or 6 hour Natchez History Tours where we visit Antebellum homes, a local winery, a trading post as well as a visit to one of our fabulous local eateries. You may decide, instead, to choose our fascinating Vicksburg Civil War Tour which includes a stop at the Emerald Mound, The Windsor Ruins and a 3 hour long narrated tour of the Vicksburg National Military Park. You will work up an appetite as we make the scene at your choice of delightful and delicious local cuisine. For those who are more actively adventurous, we offer an epic bicycle tour that covers 3 days, 2 nights and an impressive 100 miles of scenic peddling on the striking historic Natchez Trace Parkway. We also offer a 2 hour ghostly getaway that takes us on a drive around town to learn about local haunts and legends as well as a journey down into a dark, "ahem" occupied basement! For the more literary types among you, we offer a 2 hour book tour that has us visiting many of the places Greg Iles mentions in his novels such as The Quiet Game, Turning Angel and more. You can also enjoy a pleasant drive around Natchez while being guided through a brimming catalog of 45 destinations including antebellum homes and other historic destinations.


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