D'Evereux Foods

D'Evereux Foods is a small, gourmet food line specializing in hand crafted , small batch pepper sauce based out of Natchez, MS. Their story: On a rainy, spring day in the deep south, Natchez, Mississippi to be exact, Courtney Aldridge and his five year old son, Lennon, decided to experiment with his peppers he had been canning....one must be creative with activities to entertain young children in a small southern town. After all day in the kitchen they came up with a smokey flavored pepper sauce made with Pequin and Chile d'Arbol peppers. They loved it! The sauce was shared with family and friends when they would join them around the table at their home D'Evereux. Being the proud papa he is, he began to share his sauce with everyone until the requests became overwhelming. Courtney and Lennon could not keep up with the demand of Pepper Sauce Rouge on their own. Courtney then recruited his daughter Ashleigh and a family friend, Mandy Barton Brown, to take the reins. Courtney's passion for food, family and friends resulted in the creation of D'Evereux Foods. A small family owned gourmet food business that all started with family and little creativity! So...enjoy a LITTLE SOUTHERN HEAT from Natchez,MS!


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