Echoes Photography Gallery

Lee England began working casually in photography in 1995. Encouraged by favorable comments of his friends, he took twelve framed enlargements to an art silent auction in Biloxi. Ten of them sold. In 2004, he opened Echoes Gallery on Pearl Street in Natchez. Lee continues an active medical practice while working in the darkroom on evenings and weekends. With no formal training Lee has formed his own style centered on the concept of the photograph as an expression of feeling. England lives in an old Victorian townhouse in downtown Natchez, Mississippi. Lee was raised and educated in Louisiana. In 1971 he graduated from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, and in 1975 from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine. Following an internship and residency in Birmingham, Alabama he established an internal medicine practice in Natchez where he has resided since 1978.


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