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Immerse yourself in Mississippi’s historic Natchez

Immerse yourself in Mississippi’s historic Natchez

Powered by 240 horses, the sleek little speedboat rockets across the brown backwaters so fast that it feels like it just may take flight — but self-professed redneck Jim Bob Allgood looks completely relaxed.

Racing at speeds reaching 100 km/h, he’s turned halfway in his seat, right hand firmly on the wheel, his gaze alternating lazily between his on-board guests beside and behind him, and the willows whipping toward us at an alarming pace.

But Allgood, who runs a local tour company called Miss-Lou Tours and hosts a television program called Redneck Adventures, has been here before — many times.

“This river is in my blood — it’s in my veins,” he says in an accent as molasses-thick as the muddy waters below us. Cutting the speed, we slow to a crawl through a narrow channel, kudzu creeping on the swampy banks, snakes and state-record huge alligators not far from our hull.

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Lonely Planet’s Easy Trips: Nashville to Natchez

Easy Trips: Nashville to Natchez

Stretching from the rolling hills of Tennessee to the bluffs of the Mississippi, the Natchez Trace Parkway is one of America’s most scenic and historic drives. It’s also one of the most tranquil: semi trucks are banned from all 444 miles of the two-lane parkway. Today’s Trace was built in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration along a well-trod route that carried wildlife, Native Americans and European settlers for centuries. As part of Lonely Planet magazine’s “Easy Trips” section, we’re giving readers tips on how to get the most out of their time on this long-trodden route. With the blaze of summer behind us and autumn’s blazing foliage ahead, it’s the perfect season to discover the fascinating history, music and culture of the Natchez Trace.

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Houston Style Magazine’s Natchez, Mississippi: History and Heritage On Every Corner

Natchez, Mississippi: History and Heritage On Every Corner

Nestled along the banks of the curvy Mississippi River and situated high on The Bluff is a piece of preserved United States history that tells a story for generations to come. Natchez, first settled by the French in 1719 – 1729 makes it the oldest city to be established along the Mississippi River! Once considered the second wealthiest city in the U.S. (behind NYC) in the 1800s, Natchez was a retreat for many well-known millionaires. There is no doubt that the history of Mississippi is the history of America. The Magnolia State continues to leave its imprint with playing a pivotal role in the Civil War and later serving as the setting for some of the landmark events in the struggle for Civil Rights. Today, Mississippi is easily regarded as a unique and rich intersection of history, architecture, commerce, culture, and the arts.

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Southern Living’s Best Things to do in the South this Fall: Natchez Fall Pilgrimage

Best Things to do in the South this Fall: Natchez Fall Pilgrimage

Natchez’s Fall Pilgrimage was recently selected as one of the best things to do this fall by Southern Living. One of the oldest river towns in America, Natchez features some of the most stunning historic homes in the South. Take this opportunity to see homes that are only open exclusively during Fall or Spring Pilgrimage. Fall Pilgrimage runs September 22–October 9.

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2017 Mississippi Magazine Best of Mississippi: Best Weekend Trip Awarded to Natchez

Natchez Awarded Best Weekend Trip in Mississippi

Celebrating over 300 years, this beautiful city overlooking the river boasts antebellum homes, delightful bed and breakfast escapes, fine dining experiences, and fun shopping. In Natchez, there is beauty among the history.

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3 Perfect Days in Natchez, Mississippi

Read about Orbitz writer Sheryl Nance Nash‘s trip to Natchez and all of the wonderful food, tours, history and southern hospitality she enjoyed while here. “The past is ever present in Natchez, Mississippi. There’s the history you see, like the majestic antebellum homes, and then there’s the invisible, yet palpable history that permeates the air like ghosts. At 301 years old, this town has stories and secrets. But just as fascinating as its past is its present and future.”

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Made in Natchez

So often we find ourselves traveling to cities where we just want to take something local home with us. Well, we have made that easy for you with our list of pantry products that are made right here in Natchez, Mississippi.

You can even have most of them delivered right to your door step, but it is much more fun to buy them in person so you get the whole experience!


Charboneau Rum

Charboneau Rum


Mississippi’s first legally distilled rum can be found right here in Natchez. Charboneau Distillery offers Charboneau White Rum, sourced from a Louisiana sugar mill just a few hours away.

Rum, $32.99 



 Darby’s Fudge & Muscadine Hot Sauce



Famously known for her delicious assortment of fudges, Darby’s also has homeade Muscadine Hot Sauce for sale.

1 lb Fudge Box, $13.50
Muscadine Hot Sauce, $9.95


D’evereux Foods’ Hot Sauce & Jam Set

D'Evereux Jam Set

With three different hot sauces and organic pepper jellies, you can’t go wrong with stocking your kitchen full of ANY of their products. Afterall, Oprah Winfrey just chose the jelly set as one of her must give gifts of 2015.

5 oz Hot Sauce, $6.99
Gourmet Jam Set, $26.97


Fat Mama’s Tamales’ Maragarita Mix & Fire and Ice Pickles

Fat Mama’s Tamales now offers two different margarita mixes you can stock your shelves with along with their delicious Fire and Ice Pickles. 

4 Pack of Fire and Ice Pickles, $29.99
4 Pack of Margarita Mix, $27.99

Fat Mama's Fire and Ice PicklesFat Mama's Knock you naked Margaritas 2


Natchez Brewing Company’s Craft Beer

Natchez Brewing


Natchez’s first craft beer brewery is located in the heart of downtown and currently offers two different craft beers and seven in the works. You can also find their seasonal beers here.



Old South Winery’s Muscadine Wines

old south winery

Offering nine different muscadine wines, Old South Winery has been making wines for over 50 years!
Wine, $7.75-$8.75


Pearl Street Pasta Dressing

Pearl Street Pasta Dressing 2


Pearl Street Pasta’s homeade salad dressing is sweet and good till the last drop. You will want to keep this dressing on hand once you try it.

Pearl Street Pasta Dressing, $8




Pig Out Inn’s Barbeque Sauce

Pig Out Inn BBQ Sauce 2


Spoil yourself with the “Best Barbeque Sauce you’ve ever eaten” from the comfort of your home with Pig Out Inn Barbeque Sauce.

Pig Out Inn Barbeque Sauce, $5



Rick’s Spices

Slick Rick's Spices 2


Take home some of the organic spices that Rick makes and uses on most of the food served at Rick’s Cafe.

Spices, $9.95-$26.95



Steampunk Coffee Blends & Chocolate Espresso Beans

Steampunk Coffee Roasters blends several different coffee beans together making unique flavors that they serve in store. They also make Chocolate Espresso Beans and I mean, what goes better than chocolate and espresso?! 

Coffee Blends, $10


Steampunk Coffee Blends Steampunk Espresso Beans