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Lonely Planet’s Easy Trips: Nashville to Natchez

Easy Trips: Nashville to Natchez

Stretching from the rolling hills of Tennessee to the bluffs of the Mississippi, the Natchez Trace Parkway is one of America’s most scenic and historic drives. It’s also one of the most tranquil: semi trucks are banned from all 444 miles of the two-lane parkway. Today’s Trace was built in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration along a well-trod route that carried wildlife, Native Americans and European settlers for centuries. As part of Lonely Planet magazine’s “Easy Trips” section, we’re giving readers tips on how to get the most out of their time on this long-trodden route. With the blaze of summer behind us and autumn’s blazing foliage ahead, it’s the perfect season to discover the fascinating history, music and culture of the Natchez Trace.

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Southern Living’s Best Things to do in the South this Fall: Natchez Fall Pilgrimage

Best Things to do in the South this Fall: Natchez Fall Pilgrimage

Natchez’s Fall Pilgrimage was recently selected as one of the best things to do this fall by Southern Living. One of the oldest river towns in America, Natchez features some of the most stunning historic homes in the South. Take this opportunity to see homes that are only open exclusively during Fall or Spring Pilgrimage. Fall Pilgrimage runs September 22–October 9.

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3 Perfect Days in Natchez, Mississippi

Read about Orbitz writer Sheryl Nance Nash‘s trip to Natchez and all of the wonderful food, tours, history and southern hospitality she enjoyed while here. “The past is ever present in Natchez, Mississippi. There’s the history you see, like the majestic antebellum homes, and then there’s the invisible, yet palpable history that permeates the air like ghosts. At 301 years old, this town has stories and secrets. But just as fascinating as its past is its present and future.”

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New Year’s Events

You can start your New Year’s resolutions after you party down in Natchez. (We won’t tell anybody!)

There are quite a few venues with live music this year and did we mention FIREWORKS on the bluff?!?! The Castle Restaurant at Dunleith will be open beginning at 7 p.m. and will have champagne and party favors. Restaurant 1818 at Monmouth will have a special New Year’s Eve menu, if you are up for some delicious food (6:30 p.m.) and the Quitman Lounge will also be open. (5:30 p.m.) Rolling River Bistro will also have a special NYE menu. Other restaurants that will be open on NYE are Biscuits and Blues, Cajun Cooking, The Carriage House, Cotton Alley, Fat Mama’s Tamales and Natchez Coffee Company.

The Camp will have their first Annual Recovery Brunch on New Year’s day. Bring on the bloody mary’s!

Fireworks on the bluff are always a must. These will start at 8 p.m.

Christmas broc. fireworks

And now for the New Year’s Celebration stations….

Isle of Capri Casino will be hosting a NYE bash with the band, The Fabulous Steelers and will also have champagne and party favors.

Magnolia Bluffs Casino will also have a NYE party with live music from Coop D’Belle. Dinner and the show are only $20.

MoJo Mudd will be rocking and rolling at Rolling River Bistro starting at 8 p.m. and will ring in the New Year with you!

Bowie’s Tavern will also be ringing in the New Year with live music, champagne and party favors! There is a $10 cover charge. There will also be free shuttle service from The Castle to Bowie’s.

Hors d’oeuvres, champagne and a good time with live music from SCRATCH will happen at the Natchez Community Center. Admission is $80 per couple and the party starts at 8 p.m. and lasts until.

For a full calendar of events, please visit our website.

Balloon Race Weekend

Each year, over 50 hot air balloons and pilots travel to Natchez, MS to the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race, along with thousands of spectators. We will be live tweeting from our @visitnatchez Twitter account to keep you up-to-date with all flight information and answering any questions you may have. This will give you an idea of where the balloons will be inflating, taking off from and where they are landing. Although, the best views are normally at the fairgrounds behind Rosalie on Broadway Street.

The schedule for the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race is slam packed with amazing entertainers, flight times, and gate openings. There will also be a carnival for the little and big kids and plenty of delicious food to keep you full all weekend.

Did you ever wonder why everyone says, “The balloons will fly, weather permitted?” Well, we are here to answer your question!

Here are things that will keep balloons on the ground.


  • Wind is a critical factor in ballooning. Balloons fly best and safest in light winds of 4-6 mph. Maximum safe winds are around 8-10 mph. You may see some balloons deciding to fly and others do not. This is all based on if the pilot feels comfortable with the wind conditions.
  • Balloons are also harder to inflate when the winds are gusty. The wind pushes against the balloon making it harder for the fan, which inflates the balloon, to fill the whole envelope (balloon).
  • If it is too gusty and the pilots take off in their balloons, the winds can take them further than they want. This could lead to the pilot having less of an opportunity to land in an open area.
  • Winds are at different speeds and go different directions in different layers of the atmosphere.

Poor Visibility

  • To fly legally through Federal Aviation Administration regulations, the visibility must be 1 to 3 miles, depending on where they are flying.

Rain & Storms

  • We won’t state the obvious. 🙂


  • It takes heat to fly the balloon. The hotter the air outside, the more heat it takes to make the balloon fly. The colder the air is outside, the less heat it takes to make the balloon fly. The maximum continuous operating temperature for most hot air balloons is 250 degrees F.

    Outside Air Temperature  + Heat it Takes to Fly (140 F)  = Temperature Inside the Balloon
    Cold day of 30 degrees F + 140 F = 170 degrees inside the balloon
    Hot day of 95 degrees F + 140 F = 235 degrees inside the balloon (more heat if it’s hot out)

Our forecast for the weekend looks great so grab your mama and them and head on over to Natchez. Let the fun begin!!

Balloon Race Collage

Angels on the Bluff Photo Contest

Angels on the Bluff for Contest

Angels on the Bluff is an event that takes place at the Natchez City Cemetery. Natchez residents dress in costumes to portray some of our oldest “residents” for one weekend out of the year. This event draws people from all over and is usually a sold out event.

We are giving away a weekend stay at the Isle of Capri Hotel with two tickets to the event for Friday, November 7th at 8 p.m. and a gift certificate to one of our local eateries. Offer is valid on November 7-8, 2014, only.

How to Win:

  • Upload a photo or video you have taken of Natchez to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ntzangels. Photo and/or video must be yours.
  • Must upload photo or video within the contest dates (Sept. 1- Oct. 31).
  • Be sure to register your photo and/or video once you have uploaded it to Instagram or Twitter.

Winner will be announced on the Visit Natchez Twitter and Instagram on November 1st.

Please read all of the Terms and Conditions before entering.
(Must not be a resident of Natchez or live within a 30 mile radius surrounding Natchez.)